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PARENTS Strawberry Banana,Blackberry
THC Medium
CBD Unknown
SMELL & FLAVOUR Berry,Pine,Earthy
EFFECT Body-buzz,Cerebral,Relaxed

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Trueberry is the result of a breeding project that featured Strawberry Banana and Blackberry. The indica-dominant nature of this strain means the resulting high is more of a body stone than anything else. However, there is a cerebral factor to the high, meaning it targets both the body and the mind. This makes Trueberry a good option when either kicking back and relaxing at home or when out and about getting things done. Each toke of Trueberry lights up the taste buds with a flavour profile featuring hints of pine, berries, and earthiness.

Trueberry can be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors; in both scenarios it produces impressive flowers coated in resinous layers. Trueberry is a hardy and speedy strain, featuring a flowering period of 59 days.

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    I recommend this strain for new smokers

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