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Lemon, Tangy
Dank, Lemon, Pungent
Body High, Sleepy


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G-Bomb is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain created through a carefully paired breeding of G (better known as G-Force) X Reversed G Clone. This bud was bred to capture a potent THC level, which typically ranges from 15-20%, and deep indica effects in one delicious package. The G-Bomb high is a creeper that suddenly hits you in both mind and body like a grenade blast. Suddenly you’ll feel lost in your own mind, deep in philosophical introspection, with a slight body buzz that serves to anchor you to the real world. As you dive deeper and deeper into this dreamy, spacey state, a deep body stone will kick in that leaves you completely couch-locked, relaxed, and pain-free in both mind and body. Oftentimes this stoney high will end in you falling into a deep and peaceful sleep, free of any nightmares or pain. Because of these powerful indica effects, G-Bomb is ideal for treating chronic pain, insomnia, mild to moderate cases of depression, and muscle spasms or tremors. These buds have a dank aroma of tangy pungent lemon diesel and a taste of tangy lemon with a dank pungent aftertaste. G-Bomb buds have long grape-shaped forest green nugs completely covered in furry amber hairs and long olive green leaves.

1 review for G-Bomb

  1. (verified owner)

    Disappointment and Regret.
    Good looking nugs. Breaks up and rolls well. Super smooth to smoke. Very good taste. Hence, the 2 stars I gave this strain.
    Mediocre buzz. Have to smoke twice as much. Definitely got the introspective head high… a little bit.. Didn’t feel any sedation or couchlock feels either.
    An amateur might say, this Indica hits like a Sativa.
    Misleading description for this one. Wouldn’t purchase again.

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