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How to safely buy weed online from Toronto, Canada?

Buying weed in Toronto online or offline can be a dicey proposition. Search Google for “How to buy weed online” and you’ll get hundred of results. With so many options how do you choose? Luckily, we have a guide here to help you make your purchase quick and easy.

The Cannabis Industry and Landscape in 2017

With the legalization of medical marijuana in June of 2015, the industry as a whole, is inching it’s way, slowly, towards legal recreational use of the plant in 2018 as mandated by the Liberal government. That’s right! We could potentially see, if all goes well, the full legalization of recreational use of cannabis as early as July 1st, 2018. That’s great news for all Canadian users of cannabis. “It would allow for national use by individuals 18 and over, and possession of 30 grams. Provinces could further restrict possession, sale and use. Provisions were not made for legal sales.” wikipedia

That last sentence is what makes things a little dicey. But fear not, as we have all your options below for the best way to score some bud in this great city from the north!


The hundreds of dispensaries that have popped up in Toronto in 2016 give you some insight into the excitement and feverish anticipation surrounding the new legislation. They’re calling it the Green Rush of 2016-2018! And anybody and everybody’s uncle is trying to get in on all the action. Here are the reasons why you would want to purchase your weed at a dispensary.

  • You are new to cannabis and know very little
  • You prefer to smell, see and feel your weed before you buy it
  • You are a cannabis connoisseur and would prefer to be around like-minded “bud-tenders” to discuss bud
  • You are an advocate of the “movement” and don’t mind being seen in public purchasing weed
  • You don’t have an issue with carrying weed with you on the street
  • You live downtown or don’t mind traveling downtown to get your weed
  • You don’t have a computer to shop online

Online Dispensaries or Mail Order Mariuana (MOM)

Many dispensaries have moved up into the cloud and are happily serving customers online across the country. Order your cannabis from a wide selection of products and have them delivered to you by the post office. In fact, the Canadian government encourages patients to order from recognized Licensed Producers of marihuana if they are unable to grow their own. It’s only a matter of time before recreational users can order online also. Guess what? It’s already happening now. Because the brick-and-mortor dispensaries have been allowed to proliferate and operate under a grey area of legislation more and more dispensaries have moved online to better serve customers.

So how’s it going? Well, online dispensaries are a great option! In many ways, online dispensaries are the preferred method for patients and users of marijuana. Are online dispensaries or MOM’s good for you?

  • You enjoy the convenience of having cannabis delivered to you by mail
  • You prefer to receive your product in discreet, smell-proof packaging
  • You don’t like the idea of shopping at a dispensary because you prefer to be discreet
  • You are an expert, novice or casual user and don’t mind buying online because it’s easy, secure and convenient
  • You have an issue buying weed in public places and prefer not to carry weed with you outside
  • You like the idea of having weed delivered in discreet packaging
  • You’ve shopped online before and don’t want to travel downtown for your weed

TPD Express is your best option for weed delivery in Toronto

TPD Express is all of the above and more. What are some of the reasons why you should choose to shop at TPD Express?

  • We offer Same-Day-Delivery service to customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • We also offer fast delivery for areas outside the GTA
  • Customers outside Ontario can expect fast and discreet delivery through Canada Post Xpresspost
  • You can’t smell or touch the weed but we can assure you that we have many satisfied customers and this has never been a problem
  • We have experience in the brick-and-mortar dispensaries business.
  • We have experienced bud-tenders that can answer any of your questions.
  • TPD Express is quick, easy, safe and secure.
  • Our site is protected witth SSL secure technology so your information is always transferred over encrypted channels.
  • Our packaging is always discreet, secure and smell-proof

Give us a try today! You won’t regret it. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Read our FAQ for more information. New here? Make sure that you register first for easy checkout. Still have questions about our products? Contact us here. Ready to start shopping? Make sure you are logged into our website here and start shopping here.


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